Turns out it's not the million dollar question, it's the $5 million question. "Why haven't the Daybells been arrested?" Well, it finally happened and this is what we know. 

Earlier this week, I shared a tip with you on how to see East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton's Facebook posts first in your newsfeed. Following my own advice is EXACTLY how I stumbled across the news that Kauai Police have arrested Lori Vallow (Daybell) and are holding her on $5 million bond. Eaton has confirmed the news through a release from the department.

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The warrant for the arrest was issued by Madison County here in the Gem State. She faces two felony counts of desertion and non support of dependent children amongst other charges.

This is breaking news, so as more information becomes available we'll share it with you. We know the next step for Vallow is a hearing on the island where she can try to fight being extradited back to Idaho. At this time, we don't know when that hearing will take place.

Vallow's children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow, have not been seen since September. A court order demanded that she produce here children to authorities by January 30. She failed to comply with that order.

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