This time around, you don't have to hunt for the eggs! They'll be delivered directly to you.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a conversation with some of my co-workers about how each of us were feeling about going out in public. I share with them that I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of going to the grocery store. My husband's done most of the shopping the last few weeks, but asked me to pick up a few things he forgot on my way home from work. There was something about seeing my neighbors shop with masks on that made me feel legitimately fearful.

Those feelings got more complicated when I opened our fridge and saw that my husband had made a beer run for himself, but didn't pick-up anything for me. He told me to go get my own beer and I legitimately said "If I have to go to the store, I guess I don't need any more. I don't want to go there."

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Then I remembered, I don't have to go to the store at all! Western Collective currently offers their beers, seltzers and slushies through delivery. In fact, if you order from them this weekend any orders that go out on Sunday will automatically be opted in to their

Second Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt! When your order arrives, you'll receive and Easter Egg with it. 10 of those eggs will include a $50 gift card for the brewery!

Want to be part of the fun? Click HERE to see the beers, slushies and merch they offer for delivery and curbside pick-up!

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