Take a trip into the forest and cut down your very own Christmas tree. Permits will be available starting this Friday. 

The Sawtooth National Forest begins selling Christmas tree permits this Friday, November 18. The Boise and Payette national forests will begin selling permits on Saturday, November 19.

All permits are valid through Christmas Day and are $10 each. You can purchase up to three total permits per family.

Measure your ceilings to see how tall this tree can be becuase you can cut a tree up to 12 feet tall (20 feet in the Sawtooth forest).

Before you go, make sure you have the right tools and have prepped yourself efficiently. For example: 

  • Know how to drive in the snow.
  • Bring tools (saw and shovel are recommended)
  • Pack an emergency kit with food and water - plan for the worst and expect the best.
  • Tell your family and friends where you're headed so they know you're leaving.
  • Bring a flag to put at the end of your tree if it extends 4 feet past your tailgate.








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