Some wind and lightning for a few minutes this afternoon was all it took to light up both the Elmore and Owyhee Counties.


Several wildfires have sparked which are currently burning grass and sage.  No immediate danger or threats to structures yet and no evacuations have been ordered.  The Bureau of Land Management crews are on the scene working diligently to keep all fires under control.  They're being assisted by the Forest Service, the Mountain Home Fired Department, the Idaho Department of Lands and other rural agencies as well.


As of now, we have little information as to how severe each fire is.  They're all at 0% contained as each fire is in its infancy.  We do know that there are 5 fires the BLM is working on and each fire has burned at least 200 acres.  Here's the different areas the fires are in...

  • Lockman Butte
  • Ditto Creek
  • South of the Orchard Training Range near Baja Road


We'll keep you posted on containment and other details.

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