Now that Kobe Bryant is retired, he's got to find a new career. He may want to give comedy a try.

The Los Angeles Lakers great and future Hall of Famer appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he played a pretty funny prank on an unsuspecting aesthetician.

Kobe, equipped with an earpiece, had to say everything Ellen told him (a standard bit on her show), which made for some hilarious moments when he admitted to the woman he had a severe sweating problem, even going so far as to show her a jar of his own perspiration from his last game, and telling her the condition contributed to his decision to retire.

Kobe did a stellar job staying in character and showed off some surprisingly good comedic chops. Plus, it was refreshing to to see how well he worked with Ellen, considering many feel Kobe couldn't work well with anyone (paging Shaq).

Take a look at Kobe's foray into comedy below:

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