Saturday night I was getting ready to snuggle in for a movie when Brenda called out "Kellen is in the game." 

Now usually when she does something like that she's messing with me, so I ignored her and went about doing my stuff.  So she called out again telling me to come in. After fumbling with the remote to get to the right spot (that's a whole other blog) she stopped it at the point where it showed his name as he entered the game.

Because of Kellen, I got to watch the whole game complete with rewinds and stops.  I've never seen Brenda so enthused about a football game. She does watch each season of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and watches for them in the game, but her actually watching the game part doesn't happen that often.

Now many armchair/Madden quarterbacks have been giving out their opinions on Kellen's play.  From someone who has thrown a few footballs, he did very well. The Cowboy's were in the game at the end, even though Kellen threw two interceptions, he was still moving the offense and doing it well for someone who didn't have practice as the starter.

During the week, the starting quarterback gets about 80% of the practice snaps, with the backup getting the rest.  You have no idea how much effect that has on your game. Imagine if you and one other person were each given a task to perform. The other person had 8 chances and you only had 2. Who do you think would have the better odds of winning? That's what happened in Dallas Saturday night.

To Kellen, you energized the Cowboy's, had them moving, found out you can't throw over the middle in the end zone without looking off the safety. OK, I'm getting way too technical. Kellen, you have nothing to be ashamed of, you almost pulled off the impossible.  One thing you did show is there's a place for you leading an NFL team at quarterback. I only wish it were for the Denver Broncos.  We will be watching and rooting for you next week....I really have a hard time rooting for the Cowboys.

Kevin Mee

Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Tom Pennington/Getty Images


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