Former Boise State linebacker, Leighton Vander Esch, has had an unbelievable rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys.  It's been so good that even the biggest Seattle fan may be cheering for him this weekend as the Seahawks and Cowboys meet in the NFL playoffs.  Just try not to love him.  You can't do it.


Vander Esch was injured in the Cowboys' game last weekend against the Giants, but 24/7Sports says he's fine and he'll be ready for the playoff game against the Seahawks tomorrow night in Arlington.  He got kicked in the shin in the Giants game, but a deep bruise won't keep him on the sidelines.

In this amazing rookie season, Leighton has gained the attention of the national media and thousands of football fans who are now imitating his celebratory wolf howl.  In Idaho, we've known about Vander Esch for quite a while, since he grew up in Riggins and played for Boise State.  We'll share him with the rest of the world if we have to, but we love him the most and we're excited that he's sharing his good Idaho work ethic with the rest of world.  He's inspiring.

The Vander Esch family still travels in a blue and orange bus that has his old number 38 on the side to show some love for his days at Boise State.  There's a 55 decal on the bus too - his new number with the Cowboys.  ESPN said plans for the bus began when Leighton played eight-man football at Salmon River High School in Riggins and the family wanted something comfortable to ride in on the long road trips. They made the trip to most of Leighton's Boise State games on the bus, and when they arrive at his pro games now it doesn't take long for the pictures to hit social media.  We'll watch for it this weekend, and see if it makes the national broadcast too.

The Cowboys and Seahawks meet in the first round of the NFL playoffs Saturday night at 6:15pm Moutain Time, and if you've got a house divided, we'd love to see some social media pics.  Seahawks fans with a love for Vander Esch might be going for an extra frosty beverage to deal with it all.

No matter who wins the game, it's been fun to watch Vander Esch this season and we know he'll have a long and successful NFL career.  The Idaho roots have given him the work ethic to make it happen.

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