A.I. is all the rage right now.

Need to write a quick summary of your resume for a job interview? Artificial intelligence can do that for you.

Looking for a quick social media graphic for your business? Let AI jump in and handle that task.

Do you desire obscure artwork that would take a human way too many man-hours to complete? AI to the rescue!

You can use it for pretty much anything these days. As journalists, we have to learn to peacefully coexist with emerging technologies, while also holding fast to our integrity as writers and informers of the public.

Oh who the hell am I kidding. We're using AI in the office every day to come up with the stupidest sh*t ever just to make each other laugh. Could we be using it to make our workflow easier, or to tidy up some old files? Probably, but what's the fun in that?

We asked an AI art generator to draw "Californians moving to Idaho," and oh my god, the results are laughably bad.

A.I. Draws "Californians Moving To Idaho"

Have you ever wondered what artificial intelligence thinks people moving from California to Idaho looks like? Great.

We have questions.

Why is everything rendered using a Commodore 64? Was the last time anyone moved from California to Boise in 1985? Are there no roads connecting Idaho and California? Who abandoned that young boy on the train tracks??

Looks like AI has an extremely long way to go before we can rely on it to give us any sort of logical answer.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play a couple games of Oregon Trail.

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