If you were to ask someone what they would do if they ever won the lottery, chances are buying a home is on the list of things to do for a lot of hopeful winners.

We just stumbled across a house for sale in Boise that is around $3.9 million and it's absolutely stunning.

6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms... $3.9 million

The house is located at 4162 W Quail Hill Ct. in Boise and not only does it have some breathtaking views, but it has a TON of space at over 12,000 square feet. The property has several balconies to relax on (and take in those views) but also, the property has a home theater.

There are six bedrooms, one of which has a staircase and a fireplace with... you guessed it... breathtaking views.

Let's take a look at this breathtaking Boise mansion and you'll see why the price is right around $3.9 million.

This Luxurious Mansion For Sale Has The Best Views in Boise

This house is located at 4162 W. Quail Ct. in Boise and can be yours for just $3,999,000.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you want to find a house that's a tad bit cheaper. That's okay! Sometimes downsizing is the way to go. Shoot, the upkeep alone would be less of a headache.

Believe it or not - we found a home in Twin Falls that is priced less than some new vehicles. The cost? $46,000... it's not too good to be true either!

Let's take a look. Would you live here?

Buying This Idaho House Is Cheaper Than Buying A New Car

According to Car And Driver, the average price of a new car is $48k... that is still more expensive than this home in Twin Falls which is priced at just $46k.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Want something even cheaper? No worries! We found a 4-bedroom house in Twin Falls listed for just $20,000... there is a catch though. Let's look at this steal of a deal...

SAY WHAT?! This 4 Bedroom Idaho House Is Listed For $20,000!

According to Zillow, this Idaho house in Twin Falls is listed for just $20,000.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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