Idaho Business Product Pitch on Shark Tank

REXBURG, Idaho. For the last 14 years, Shark Tank has been changing the lives and business operations of American up-and-comers.

This Friday, Mar. 17, the hit American television series will feature Crispy Cone, Idaho's fifth business to pitch a product to the famed panelist of Sharks. In appearing on the show, business owners Kaitlyn and Jeremy Carlson of Rexburg, Idaho aim to increase national awareness of their 11-chain brand.

The Delectable Crispy Cone

Crispy Cone is a rotisserie-cooked conical pastry with an exterior of cinnamon and sugary goodness, and an interior of hazelnut chocolate, cookie butter, or gourmet soft-serve ice cream. Having applied to appear on Shark Tank in Jan. 2022, the Carlsons believe the panelists are but a shark bite away from financing the delectable dessert.

What is Shark Tank?

If you've never caught an episode, the Shark Tank television series features a rotating panel of highly-accomplished business "sharks" who field proposals to finance an entrepreneur's product, business model, or the valuation of their company. The panelists then engage in a robust round of questions and critiques before ultimately deciding to invest or not invest in an entrepreneur's venture.

Kaitlyn and Jeremy will appear on Shark Tank this Friday, Mar. 17, at 7 p.m. on ABC. 

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