If heights scare you at all or you get shaky legs when you are not feeling super grounded and secure then this top Idaho view spot may not be for you. Prevention, which is a health, wellness and sometimes travel website came up with "50 Most Underrated Attractions in Every State" The one for Idaho seems oh so necessary to share it.

"Hit the road to the Bruneau Canyon Overlook, which shows dazzling vistas of a remote 800-foot-deep river canyon that goes for about 60 miles. It's especially more impressive for its desert surroundings."

It is quite a view all times of the year, but it is a drop, a serious drop. There is a metal fence to keep viewers safely on the top of the canyon but still, even with these photos my legs are getting an uneasy feeling.

The Bureau of Land Management says, "The Overlook is the only readily accessible spot from which to view this deep canyon carved through basalt and rhyolite by the Bruneau River, recently protected by Congress as a Wild and Scenic River. The canyon appears to be narrower than it is deep which is almost the case – the opposite rim is only 1,300 feet away from the overlook, and the drop from rim to riverbed is 800 feet. From this spot near the northern terminus of the 60-mile canyon, you can view the wild and scenic Bruneau River tumbling out of the Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness."

There is even a country song about it, so you know it is a special place...

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