The word "extinction" is powerful - we're talking about a word that means an entire population has been completely wiped out. It's tough to imagine being that we're human and most of us don't regularly think about "human extinction"... it's the stuff of science fiction movies and something we really can't comprehend.

For six species of animal in Idaho, however, extinction is a real possibility.

There are six animals on the verge of never being seen alive again

Using information from the Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation, we're sharing six species in Idaho that are on the verge of going extinct. Notable species that are on the verge of ending up on the endangered list include the grizzly bear, yellow-billed cuckoo, and even the Northern Idaho ground squirrel.

Surprisingly, two snails made the list which makes us want to be that much more cautious of where we walk when we go hiking. Other endangered animals are even given a "designated critical habitat" or a "geographical area that contains essential features for the conservation of a species."

6 Idaho Animals That Are About To Be Wiped Out Forever

There are six species on the verge of extinction in Idaho according to the Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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