In response to community questions and concerns, the West Valley Humane Society (WVHS) in Caldwell, Idaho, issued a statement addressing its adoption policies and recent staff reductions. In the release, the WVHS Board of Directors emphasized their commitment to transparency with the community and improvement in serving both animals and supporters.

WVHS highlighted its dedication to animal welfare, mentioning a first-come, first-served adoption process that is aimed at finding loving homes for all animals as fast as possible. The statement reads: "Last year alone, we facilitated 3,220 adoptions, providing thousands of animals with a second chance at happiness."

WVHS noted a significant increase in the amount of animal surrenders and strays, stressing the importance for streamlined adoption procedures. "We've seen a significant influx of animals with an average of 395 surrenders and stray drop-offs by both community members and animal control officers monthly, emphasizing the need for streamlined adoption procedures."

In their statement, WVHS expressed openness to feedback to refine processes and eliminate barriers to adoption. Financial challenges were mentioned as a contributing factor, with decreased adoptions, inflation, and dwindling donations. "Despite serving a rapidly growing population in Canyon County, the funding provided by our municipal contracts, grant funding, and private donations have failed to keep up, leading to difficult decisions, including recent layoffs."

West Valley Humane Society
West Valley Humane Society

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To better accommodate potential adopters, the team at WVHS have adjusted their schedule, removing the requirement for Saturday appointments. Kennel walk-throughs remain unavailable until construction concludes in June 2024 as part of the #RaiseTheRuff project. You can read about the project plans here.

WVHS expressed gratitude for community support and financial contributions, emphasizing their dependence on both to make sure every animal receives necessary care.

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Find more event information here. To adopt, foster, or learn more about the dogs available at the West Valley Humane Society, visit

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