The college football world continues to react to the shocking news of the Pac-12 imploding just a few days ago. Speculation continues on the future of Stanford, the University of California Berkley, Washington State, and Oregon State. Will the Pac survive? Could the ACC swoop in and pluck the four remaining schools?

Most college football experts believe at least Oregon State and Washington State should join the Mountain West Conference. It would be a huge pay cut for any school from the remains of the Pac as their yearly paydays are in the twenty-million-dollar range, while the Mountain West's payday is around four to five million dollars with the exception of Boise State's special deal.

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What is the best move for Boise State's success? Local experts believe the Mountain West's stability is the perfect home for the Broncos. Those 'experts' are wrong, and Bryan Harsin was right. The Mountain West Conference is not the premiere Group of Five conferences. The conference is a second or third tier behind the AAC and possibly the Sunbelt and Conference USA.

Boise State Football has regressed since joining the Mountain West. The conference lacks teams that attract attention and television ratings, except for the Broncos. No one is tuning in to see Nevada take on Utah State. Although those schools try to put a winning product on the field, they're best suited for the low-profile Mountain West Conference.

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If the Pac-12 is to survive, Boise State has to be part of its revival. Yes, we all know that any move out of the Mountain West is expensive, seventeen million dollars, once notice is given. However, there is a huge upside to a new Pac conference.

The Pac would have to invite Boise State, Colorado State, San Diego State, SMU, Tulane, and one more school. Let's go over the teams that can save the Pac.

Boise State is a natural rival for San Diego, Oregon, Cal, Washington, and Stanford. The Broncos bring a national brand and television ratings. There is no team outside of the Power 5, and several within that match the appeal of Boise State.

Colorado State is a program that has a lot of money and eventually will become successful. The team also brings a new stadium and the Denver market.

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San Diego State has prepared itself to become a Power 5 program in football and basketball. The addition of the Aztecs restores a presence in Southern California.

Tulane gives the conference a tremendous athletic program and outstanding academics. Plus, the Green Wave brings the growing New Orleans market.

SMU gives the 'Pacific Conference' a stronghold in Texas and a considerable television Dallas television market. Although the conference would be challenging, this new Pac would give the West Coast a strong presence.

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What about the Mountain West? The conference has never been a fan of Boise State Football. For years, the MWC didn't want the Broncos when the Broncos were in the WAC. However, once Utah, TCU, and BYU left them, the conference raided and destroyed the WAC.

Let's remember that Boise State had to take the conference to court when they tried to eliminate the Broncos' additional revenue from the tv deal. Finally, didn't the Broncos have to fight to wear Blue on the Blue?

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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