Boise and Treasure Valley residents woke up to a substantial amount of snow this morning, surprising many who were enjoying the mild weather just days ago. There's also been a significant influx of people moving to the area who might be wondering: Is it normal for the Boise area to get this much snow in January?

Let's take a look at the numbers for average January snowfall in the Boise area.

According to National Weather Service, the average January snowfall for Boise is 6.3 inches over the past 3 decades, This data reveals that the typical January snowfall in Boise since 1991 has been around 6.3 inches. However, the record-breaking January of 2016-2017 saw a staggering 21.5 inches of snowfall.

The snow will likely be around for months to come, as it's also normal for the Boise area to receive more snowfall in February, where the numbers/averages are actually increasing and getting higher than January numbers. For example, there was 14.2 inches of snowfall in February of 2021.

While many find the snow inconvenient, it's important to note that this is a crucial element in maintaining the region's water supply. Despite Boise being under the average precipitation levels for this time of year, the recent snowfall is seen as a positive sign in preventing potential drought conditions later in the year. As locals dust off their winter gear and snow shovels, it's a reminder that, in Boise, you can never entirely predict what Mother Nature has in store.

Read here for the roads that Treasure Valley snow plows go to first.

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