The Greater Idaho movement continues to defy expectations. The campaign has gotten a significant amount of national publicity, highlighting their efforts to leave the liberal cesspool of Oregon for the Conservative Heartland of Idaho.

The folks that want to leave Oregon tell us that they live in a land where their votes do not count. Conservatives live in rural counties, while the liberals live in the larger cities with the most population. The larger the people, the more votes that population has to determine the direction of the state.

One of the most contentious issues involved in the Greater Idaho movement is the decision to legalize marijuana in Oregon. Recently, the campaign took to social media, stating that they did not want the weed to become legal in the Beaver State. The group points out the financial burdens that the media ignores about marijuana.


As you can read below the big money does not benefit the Oregon communities who are overrun by weed shops.


Oregon continues its run towards lawlessness as it has legalized hard drugs mushrooms will soon become legal. Eastern Oregon residents do not want to live in a world where illegal drugs are legal.

On the other hand, Idaho is the most drug free state in the union. Idaho is the only state that continues to follow federal law that states any type of marijuana is illegal.


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