Not that long ago, we shared a story with you about a secret lab in California that got busted for operating illegally.


Now, authorities have brought in the man they believe is responsible.

What’s the story behind the lab?


In case you missed it, back in August we shared a story about a secret lab in Reedley, California that was operating illegally.


Apparently, they got busted because a building inspector got a tip that this building had a water hose going into it via a hole and duct tape.


Upon further investigation, they found something horrifying. Because it was a lab, authorities called in experts to determine what was going on.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ran tests and determined that there were “at least 20 potentially infectious viral, bacterial, and parasitic agents were present, including E. coli, malaria, and the virus that causes COVID-19” according to

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That could have been catastrophic — here’s why…


Thankfully, the Department of Justice reported on Friday that that had the person responsible is in custody and he’s facing up to eight years in prison.


Jia Bei Zhu, aka Jesse Zhu, aka Qiang He (he has a lot of aliases) is the 62-year-old suspect in custody and is accused of “distributing misbranded medical devices – and making false statements to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” according to


He apparently tried to pass his lab off as a lab that was making COVID-19 but broke a ton of rules in the process.


Here’s a thought to marinate on — this man could have very well been responsible for a massive (and deadly) outbreak just twelve and a half hours away from Boise.


Shoot - you saw the viruses and bacteria they were playing with.


How do you feel about He’s punishment? Is it enough? Let me know your thoughts here.

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