You probably wouldn't know if you looked at social media or Reddit lately but, In-N-Out is NOT the number one fast-food chain in Idaho. Is it delicious? Sure. Is it popular? There's no doubt.

But In-N-Out is going to have climb a long ladder and work to establish itself if it ever wants to be number one in Idaho.

Location is everything!

One of the most important factors in running a fast-food franchise is location. That's one of the main reasons the folks at In-N-Out chose to set up shop at the Village. Shoot - imagine how packed that place will be during the busy holiday season.

Or, perhaps that's where you go after you hit some golf balls at Top Golf.

It's all about location... or in this case, it's "locations."

The folks at Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech did some research and revealed which fast-food chains rule Idaho and the Treasure Valley... based on the number of locations.

Now, we're not saying that In-N-Out will never take off and blow up Idaho with tons of locations one day... it could happen, but it's not likely any time soon.

For now, these fast-food chains rule Idaho and the Treasure Valley... we're still trying to figure out how number one is number one.

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The following statistics are based on data from the year 2022.

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