Soda, anyone? There’s a new awesome soda shop in Kuna and it’s the perfect hangout spot.

Parker K.
Parker K.

Snerk’s hosted their official grand opening on Saturday, October 15, 2022. And let’s just say... Kuna really knows how to show up for new businesses! You can find em' at 383 North Linder Avenue in Kuna. Keep scrolling for pictures of the new shop 👇

Cory Tanner is the Owner/Operator of Snerk’s, and when I asked him how their opening day was, he said...

“Literally that line did not stop. We sold 821 drinks, which means that our shop pumped out a drink every 52-seconds for 12 hours strait. From 10 in the morning to 10 at night, every 52-seconds there was a drink that was coming out of our shop. We were absolutely thrilled!”

It’s awesome hearing about Kuna showing up for a new business, but I think that’s because Kuna appreciates new businesses showing up for them! Snerk’s was in the Kuna Days Parades, they sponsored Senior Night at the high school football game last Friday, and they employ Kuna High students who are thrilled to work there.

Okay, but if you’re like me, you’re probably also wondering how they decided to call the shop, Snerk’s.

Cory says, “Snerk is my childhood nickname, and my siblings still call me Snerk. So, when we were coming up with what to call the shop, we all agreed to just call it Snerk’s. And a lot of the drink names are nicknames of my siblings, friends, and just fun things around Kuna. Money Bags Chuck is a nickname that I have for a friend of mine here in town, and same with Grandma Taffy Etc."

Keep scrolling for their menu and pictures of the new shop! 👇

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