Finding friends isn't easy these days. If you don't believe us, simply approach a stranger at the store and attempt to strike up a friendly intro. You're more likely to get a dodge and quick shutdown response before you get someone agreeing to have a full-blown "get to know ya" convo.

Okay - maybe the grocery store isn't the most suitable time for someone to befriend a stranger. That's why some people turn to hobbies, meet-ups, etc.

Unfortunately, if your favorite type of meet-up is with your car club, Nampa police have a special warning for you.

If you don't belong there, leave

Nampa Police took to social media to share a stern warning for individuals that are a part of car clubs.

"If you are gathering at any businesses in Nampa without permission, it is not ok," Nampa PD shared in their post.

"We have consent from many local businesses to remove car gatherings because of disrespectful, and sometimes illegal, actions."

Our first question is: how bad is it for Nampa police to have to issue such a warning?

"These gatherings are a problem in our community and it is our intention to act on reports of problems."

We've all seen people do dumb things behind the wheel and while car meet-ups aren't "dumb", tearing up a business's parking lot for the sake of entertaining your car buddies could be classified as dumb.

Also, if there are innocent bystanders and someone loses control of their vehicle, that presents another danger.

Again - we're not saying that car meet-ups are bad, but like Nampa police are saying, if you don't have permission, don't hang out there.

"When car or truck club assemblies are reported, or when we see them on business property, we will do as the property owners have directed and ask everyone to disperse."

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