If there's one thing that we love to talk about more than the rest - it's all things creepy. It doesn't have to be Halloween for someone to enjoy a good ghost story or a creepy encounter.

Sometimes you just need nightmare fuel

There's something about being scared that people love, this author included. Sometimes, you just need to be creeped out... maybe it's the mystery that usually follows the horror of what you're witnessing or perhaps it's the adrenaline rush that you're looking at a vessel into the afterlife.

Whatever it is - people love it and we can't blame them.

Now, that being said there are a few things that we simply won't mess with up close and personal. Horror movies? Totally fine. Haunted houses during Halloween? Of course!

Haunted cemeteries that have entities wandering about looking to eat your soul?

Not so much.

Exploring Idaho's Most Haunted Cemetery

The only thing better than getting scared is finding something absolutely terrifying and that's exactly what happened when we surfed good ol' YouTube.

In a video posted by YouTube user "Sara Strasser", we came across one of the most compelling videos that we've ever seen of what should be Idaho's most haunted cemetery.

The quality of activity caught in this video is glaring and at least to us, definitely proves that something is going on at the cemetery.

The fact that this video was posted over 15 years ago makes it that much more terrifying because there's no way someone could have faked this kind of footage.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to explore Idaho's most haunted cemetery?

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