If it's not Taylor Swift flooding your timeline, chances are it's In-N-Out... if you're in Idaho that is. The excitement (and aromas) of In-N-Out continue to flow throughout the Treasure Valley and the In-N-Out frenzy is showing no signs of slowing down.

It's official: In-N-Out belongs in Idaho

If anyone was skeptical or didn't think it would work, they couldn't be more wrong. In-N-Out's grand opening was a massive success with rumors of the burger chain producing over 9,100 burgers spreading on social media.

Some folks believed the traffic would be a nightmare while some felt a California-based burger chain would have a tough time thriving in Idaho, especially with so many local options.

No matter what you believe, the results don't lie and chances are there will be an extended wait at In-N-Out for some time and that has us wondering:

What's next?

Is it time to expand?

While we're still in the very early phases of our relationship with In-N-Out, it's not too soon to start wondering if the burger chain will continue to expand in the Gem State.

The Village was clearly a prime spot for the burger chain to set up shop but where else should they look to? Should they begin construction in Caldwell? Should they head to downtown Boise?

Let's look at ten places in and around Idaho where we wouldn't mind seeing In-N-Out's second location.

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