Idaho is home to an incredible number of amazing restaurants, many of which are located in Boise, at least according to the national lists we’ve seen. However, this time there’s a locally owned restaurant in Meridian making the lists. Actually, this is now the 2nd time this particular restaurant has ranked on a list from Lovefood.

What Idaho restaurant made their list?

Epi's Basque Restaurant in Meridian

Google Maps | Mark H. | Epi's A Basque Restaurant
Google Maps | Mark H. | Epi's A Basque Restaurant

Lovefood is calling Epi's, "Idaho's Most Favorite Restaurant," and claiming it's one of the best "lunchtime legends" in America, and that it should be added to your bucket lists. Here's what they had to say about Epi's...

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“Unsuspecting Idaho visitors might be prepared for a flurry of restaurants and dishes celebrating the state's famous vegetable: the potato. However, Boise, its capital city, is a hub for Basque culture, with the only Basque Museum in America. Epi's Basque Restaurant, open for more than 20 years, is a wonderful celebration of the best and most homely dishes from this region in northern Spain. Still packed every night, Epi's serves crispy ham croquetas, mushrooms sautéed in butter, garlic and sherry, and an incredibly tender, fall-off-the-bone lamb shank as a regular special.”

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