Idaho is known for its beauty and wildlife but the latter is starting to become a problem for people living near Ketchum and Sun Valley. It just so happens that officials are realizing that two of Idaho's most dangerous predators just got more dangerous.

Central Idaho beware!

Idaho Fish & Game recently released a press release warning residents of central Idaho to beware of black bears and mountain lions... more than usual.

What makes this announcement so significant, is that officials appear to realize how dire the situation has become. The things they're warning residents about almost sounds like something out of a science fiction horror movie.

We're not saying that bears and mountain lions are overtaking Idaho. But, we are saying that they are becoming more and more of a serious problem that sadly might result in not just human deaths. As a result of retaliation, we may see an uptick in mountain lion and black bear deaths as well.

Here is everything we need to know about Idaho Fish & Game's warnings about black bears and mountain lions.

2 Of Idaho's Most Dangerous Predators Just Got MORE Dangerous

Idaho Fish & Game is warning Idaho residents about two dangerous predators that are starting to pose a serious threat...

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Speaking of safety, can we talk about the spiders of Idaho? Seriously - forget black bears and mountain lions for a second. We need to talk about the creatures that we can't hear coming at us. The ones that can take us down with a microscopic pinch... the spiders that are invading Idaho.

And they need to be stopped...

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