The spookiest time of the year is upon us and there's no better time to talk about horrifying things that will scar our dreams than now. We just came across a terrifying video that was filmed inside of a supposed "abandoned church" in Boise and if it's legit, it's one of the scariest things caught on film.

What's lurking inside of this abandoned church?

The video was posted by a YouTuber whose channel is simply called "Jacob." From the looks of it, the YouTuber seems to enjoy exploring Boise and creepy places in particular.

In this video, it starts recording the moment Jacob and his group think they hear something. As they explore the inside of the church, we catch glimpses of what used to be.

At one point, Jacob and the group are so frightened that the person behind the camera pulls out a gun, aiming in the direction of the paranormal activity. Would they have had a chance if something lurked from the shadows to get them?

Something Creepy Is Lurking Inside Of This Abandoned Boise Church

A YouTuber who simply goes by "Jacob", shared an unusual video on his channel that captured something creepy inside an abandoned church.

While there is no doubt that's scary, it's far from the scariest places in Idaho. We came across this particular basement in Idaho that should have a horror movie made about it.

It's one of the most haunted places in Idaho and it's located at the Jameson Saloon & Inn which is located in Wallace. People say that the basement houses something "evil" and could have a horror movie made about it.

A Horror Movie Should Be Made About This Haunted Idaho Basement

The Jameson Saloon & Inn is one of the most haunted places in Idaho and there are rumors that the basement houses something "evil."

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The Ominous Reason Why This Hotel Is The Most Haunted in Idaho

Would you stay at the most haunted hotel in all of Idaho if you knew what it used to be?

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