The sounds of the season have been on LITE-FM for weeks, and this morning, it really could be said that "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" across the Treasure Valley.

Our first "real" snow of the season started earlier this morning as a dusting but has picked up over the last couple hours.  This was the scene in my neighborhood in Meridian as I left this morning.  Not much had accumulated yet, but it was definitely a beautiful scene.

As I exited from I84 to The Connector, I noticed there was seemingly an "Official Subaru Lane" as 5 Subarus passed me on the left.  They really are a great car for the Treasure Valley evidently.

The morning snow has made me aware of three things.

1.  I should have bought new tires sooner.  May need to move on that right away.

2.  I should have put my lights up sooner.  I noticed we have a good chance of more snow over the next few days.

3.  I still really love the look of fresh snow, and we really do live in a beautiful place.