We all have our favorite restaurants and they are our favorites for a reason. They serve our favorite dish, they make that meal we love just right, the wait staff is always kind-- these traits are what make our spots, OUR SPOTS!

I've done takeout from a few of my favorites and although always good, it simply isn't the same as when the business is open for dine in. Many restaurants resort to reduced menus and it may not be as fresh as we're used to in some instances.

Coronavirus or not, the good folks over at the Central District Health Department (and other health districts all around the State of Idaho) are working year-round to make sure local restaurants are meeting health standards for your safety. These records are public and by the way-- they'll make sure to update any corrected violations.

Interested in looking up your favorite spot to make sure everything is safe? Nobody needs to be dealing with any food-born illness. It's a pretty interesting database and anyone can search it.

To find yours, click HERE.

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