I'm confused. There's so much talk about embracing your body, about wearing what makes you feel good and finding the right style for you BUT there's always the comment of dressing age-appropriate and about the fact that there's an age and/or lifestyle limit on what you can wear. Let's figure this out. 


I just read through "5 Bad Fashion Mistakes Moms Need to Stop Making Right Now" and, while I agree with some of it, the article as a whole seems just so judgmental. Is this what fashion is all about? The writer asks women (moms) to stop wearing:

  1. Capri pants
  2. Chunky flip-flops
  3. Short shorts
  4. Maxi dresses
  5. Crocs


The idea behind women not wearing these pieces is because it's not flattering. Really? Hasn't anyone seen a cute pair of capris or a great maxi dress that slims the heck out of a body paired with an adorable shrug? Long necklaces and a denim jacket, maybe?


I understand the short shorts request. Although, I'd like to ask most people not to wear them. I am really far away from being a prude. I'm letting my true colors flow. I've said, on more than one occasion, that if I had a rockin' bod, I'd wear as little clothing as possible because I'd want everyone to know how amazing I look. That day has not come yet. Back to the short shorts. They aren't great on anyone. Seeing butt cheeks hanging out of frayed denim isn't something you can avoid looking at. It's like an eye magnet. Think about who might be looking. Yeah...not the people you want looking.


Other than that, is there something that's missing? What are your thoughts on age and fashion.