What do you think were some of the "super" moments from yesterday's game?  Here are some of mine:

Getty Images, Ezra Shaw

1.  Bronco Win = no disgruntled, pouting, hubby and sons to deal with.

2.  #61 Matt Paradis and his history with BSU and how he proved that if you dream big and set high goals you can achieve them if you work hard.

3.  Loved knowing the Paradis family had left their little tiny town of Council, Idaho (population 807) and were there in the stands watching the game and sharing pics of their experience on facebook.

4.  Watching the pregame and seeing Bronco's QB Peyton Manning strolling about on the field talking to and hugging people while on the other side of the field the Panthers QB Cam Newton was strutting around and chest bumping all of his players like they'd already won the game.  Loved how humble Peyton was in comparison to Newton.

5.  I got goose bumps when the Navy's Blue Angels flew over just as Lady Gaga finished belting out the National Anthem.   So relieved that Lady Gaga didn't do anything disrespectful and was dressed rather modestly (for her) and wasn't wearing a meat suit or some other odd costume...and she was actually wearing...pants!  Who knows...maybe she taught some impressionable young ladies that there is a time and place for everything and that includes being dignified in dress and demeanor when the situation calls for it.

Getty Images,Christopher Polk

6.  I will be watching to see how Cam Newton handles himself now especially after he threw a toddler like fit in the end zone at the end of the 4th Qtr and then walked out of a press conference after the game.   Could be a great learning opportunity for what is considered sportsmanlike conduct for when your team does NOT win.

What were some moments that you thought were "super" from yesterday's big game?