When you hear see the price tag on how much it costs to stay at this Air BnB, it'll be hard to warp your mind around. Chances are the stay per night is more than your mortgage or rent payment! 

Most couples like will go above and beyond to celebrate their wedding anniversary. For hubby and I, our dating anniversary really feels more significant. Normally, we celebrate it during the final weekend of McCall Winter Carnival since that was our first public outing as a couple...but since it's canceled this year, we're open to new options. That's why I've spent an obnoxious amount of time looking at Air BnB over the past week.

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That's how I stumbled across the most expensive Idaho Air BnB Luxe. At price point of $2,112 a night, the Kneebone Penthouse in Ketchum  this property welcomes up to six guests to enjoy the three bedroom, four bathroom home. If you want to make it a couple's retreat, each of the bedrooms is set-up en-suite which means each bedroom has it's own private (and luxurious) bathroom. For those evenings where you want to enjoy a glass of wine together, you can do so in the beautiful great room in front of the fireplace, at the social breakfast bar, on the huge balcony or rooftop terrace (in the summer months.)

The industrial-chic apartment has literally everything you could possibly need in the heart of one of Idaho's most charming ski destinations. We're talking heated floors, mountain views, a Nespresso machine, Sonos sound system, private elevator and a bocee court.

For a little more cash, you've got access to housekeeping services, villa pre-stocking and a private chef! If you have the cash to make it happen, you may need to wait a little while. Even though the property is listed on Air BnB Luxe, it's not showing any available dates right now

Kneebone Penthouse Air BnB - Ketchum, ID


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