Idahoans are hard workers. In fact, Idahoans work harder than 29 other states. Can you guess which states works the hardest? And who the laziest state is?

Americans are known for hard work, grit and determination, but which states work the hardest? Which state doesn't? And where does our beloved Idaho fall in the ranking? This is such an interesting study that wallethub released. Let's start with how much Americans (in general) work... According to the study, "Americans are hard workers, putting in an average of 1,767 hours per year as of 2021, according to the World Economic Forum. That’s 435 hours per year more than Germans work, but 357 fewer than Mexicans do."

Now for the state-by-state rankings, which were factored by quite a few different variables, "ranging from average workweek hours to share of workers with multiple jobs to annual volunteer hours per resident." Idaho ranks 21st out of 50. So, at least according to this, we aren't necessarily the hardest workers (I say from the comfort of my couch while watching re-runs of Frasier on Hulu), but we're in the top half. The award for hardest working state goes toooo... Alaska! They're certainly putting in hours over there. Beyond that, they contend with frigid extreme temperatures and limited daylight for much of the year, and have to sleep with the sun out for another big part of the year. The least hard working state is New Mexico. Obviously they didn't take Idaho's Aaron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman into consideration because him and Walter White put in a hard day's work inside that RV!

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