Hearing the words "come on your down, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right is a dream come true.  For one Idaho woman, hearing them twice was definitely doubly nice!

According to Channel 2, Cristie Tresham of Garden Valley is no stranger to the spotlight on CBS's beloved game show.  20 years ago, she had a chance to play a golf game against Bob Barker.  During "Hole in One (or Two)" the contestant has to use their super market smarts to put six grocery items in order from least to most expensive. For each item they've placed in the correct order, the contestant gets to move up a line closer to the hole on a putting green. When they reach their final line, they have two chances to score a hole-in-one to win a brand new car.

On her first appearance, she was able to do it and win a brand new car! She returned to the show in October and to her surprise, heard the words "Cristie, come on down!" for a second time. This time she had the challenge of beating a came called "One Wrong Price." In that game, the contestant is present with three items.  Two of them are listed with their correct price, one is not.  If the contestant can correctly identify the wrong price, they win all three items.

Lightning struck twice for Cristie! She guessed correctly and took home a See-Doo jetski, 78" Samsung 4K TV and a Vespa scooter. They're all supposed to be on the way to her home now. The episode aired on Tuesday.  She credits a few good luck charms for her success on her second trip to the game show: the key to the first prize she won on the Price is Right and a plastic goldfish from her grand baby.

In case you were wondering, you can be a contestant on The Price is Right once every 10 years.

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