There's a lot of Olympic buzz happening right now leading up to the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro later this summer, but sometimes the most inspiring athletes are not the biggest, fastest, or strongest.  One Idaho city is doing its best to support these heroes.

Twin Falls held the Idaho Summer Games for Special Olympics on Friday and Saturday, and those talented athletes competed in sports like basketball, aquatics, running, and others.

When Special Olympics athletes cross the finish line or make a basket, it makes you realize how much they've overcome to get where they are, and a lot of times they show better sportsmanship and more passion for the game than the highest paid professional athletes.  That's inspiring.

My cousin Katie has cerebral palsy, and she was always involved in Special Olympics growing up.  She had braces on her legs to help her walk for much of her life, but when she joined Special Olympics she was able to ditch those and become a sprinter!  That was a huge victory, even if she never won a heat.

Special Olympics Idaho held opening ceremonies complete with an Olympic torch, and when the other torch lights in Rio in a few weeks I'm sure these special athletes will feel connected.

The Rio Olympics start August 5th.

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