Idaho is sometimes seen as lagging behind other states in technology and innovation, but that can't be said about our welcoming of delivery robots.  We're the second state to do so. 

Earlier in March, Virginia became the first state to approve a law that would address the use of terrestrial delivery robots.  This is the much rumored drone delivery from Amazon, but instead, street-side unmanned delivery robots.

Idaho has now become the second state to approve such technology starting July 1st.  The legislation moved quickly through both state houses and gained approval.

Ground delivery robots can now operate in our state without any attending to them during the deliveries.  They can't go faster than 10 miles per hour and must be monitored from a remote location while out on delivery.

The future is here.  It will be interesting to see these robots on the streets of the Treasure Valley in the near future.

For more on this, check out coverage from HERE.




Idaho, after all, isn’t exactly the first state people think of when imagining a pioneering use of delivery robots, and Starship says that it doesn’t have a delivery partner in the state to announce it’s working with yet.

Two other states, Wisconsin and Florida, also have similar legislation in the works to grant permission for the use of autonomous ground delivery robots statewide, which are likewise being introduced with the help of Starship Technology’s policy team.

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