In the auto business, they call it sticker shock. The term describes what happens when you see the perfect car, you're ready to buy, and then Wamo, you see how much it costs. I don't know what term you would use to describe the shock that most Idaho homeowners felt last week when opening their property tax assessments.

Let's put it this way; if the rise in property tax assessments were retirement funds, we'd all be thrilled. However, the reality is that most Idaho homeowners got whacked with unacceptable tax rate hikes on their homes.

How Bad Is It?

In Ada County, the median home valuations went up by 30%. Canyon County assessments were far worse, with estimates going up from 35 to 60%, reports the Idaho Statesman.  Some Canyon County homeowners have been harder by the assessors.  

Another Proposed Solution?

State Representative Bruce Skaug wants to bring back the floating index to help fight the rising property assessments. He tells KTVB that he submitted his bill to the committee chairman, who chose not to give the bill a hearing.

Representative Skaug's statement reveals the underlying problem with our elected officials. How can they be so tone-deaf not to allow a bill that would help homeowners get to the committee? It appears, unlike their constituents, that the legislators have a money tree to pay for their property taxes. Perhaps they'd like to share a few leaves with the rest of us?

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