The days of cheap gasoline for road trips, mowing your lawn, or a weekend getaway is over in Idaho. Our friends at AAA released a report stating that today's price to fill up in Idaho is $3.58, nine cents more than a week ago and 30 cents more than a month ago.

Idaho is once again well above the national average of $3.15. The national average rose just two cents, and that's seven cents more than last month.  According to AAA, gasoline demand is 10 million barrels per day, which is a record amount of consumption.  (So much for Joe Biden's dream of the end of fossil fuels in this country.)

According to the Energy Information Administration, the nearly one million barrel-per-day jump from the previous week dropped gasoline supplies of almost six million barrels. In response, gas and crude oil prices continued their upward trajectory.

"'Turbulent' isn't a big enough word to describe what's happening at the pumps these days," says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde. "It's clear that surging gas prices aren't going to let up anytime soon, particularly in the Western states."

With a nine-cent increase, Idaho drivers saw the 4th-largest jump at the pumps this week. Utah, which supplies most of the Gem State's fuel, led the way with an 11-cent increase.

On the week, nearly 25 state averages were up by at least two cents per gallon. Prices range from $2.76 per gallon in Mississippi to $4.31 per gallon in California.

Here's a selection of Idaho gas prices as of 7/12/21:

Boise - $3.67

Coeur d'Alene - $3.39

Franklin - $3.65

Idaho Falls - $3.49

Lewiston - $3.42

Pocatello - $3.54

Twin Falls - $3.67

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