It's not really a surprise, but just in time for summer travel, prices at the pump have inched up and fueling up in Idaho is going to be more expensive than the national average. 

IN fact, our prices are about 20 cents higher than the national average of $2.37 per gallon.  Of course, with discounts and accumulated points, that number can come down, at least for one fill.

AAA and the app Gas Buddy track our pricing trends (and those across the country) and highlight that Memorial Day is the start to the so-called "summer driving season."  In plain talk, that means the demand for fuel is the highest for the year, and typically, the supply is immediately impacted.

The high for the past year came in April with the national average at $2.42.  It's not as bad as it could be though, as a number of states are higher than we are.  California is at $3.10, Hawaii is $3.07, and neighboring Washington and Oregon are at $2.87 and #2.73 respectively.

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