You know... you think you know how the rest of the country perceives your state and then SMACK! Out of nowhere, you're being compared to Hollywood's favorite cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. No - seriously.

A recent report named "The Strangest Food From Every State" and the food that took home that title for Idaho was none other than finger steaks. That's right - finger steaks. Do we feel attacked yet? So, I came to Idaho from Texas and was somewhat familiar with what a finger steak was because down there, back in elementary school, I had what we called "steak fingers." Wild, right?

So, when I saw this report name finger steaks as Idaho's strangest food, I wasn't all that surprised. It was the choice of words from the report that had me scratching my head. Here's the entire statement regarding finger steaks in Idaho:

No, we’re not talking Hannibal Lecter here. Considered Idaho’s signature food, these are simply strips of buttermilk-marinated steak breaded and deep-fried, then served with barbecue or cocktail sauce.

Hannibal Lecter? The cannibal from 'Silence of the Lambs'? Someone has never had a delicious finger steak with fry sauce. That's right - FRY SAUCE. I can somewhat understand the barbecue sauce, but cocktail sauce? Is that what they're calling fry sauce or do they just not know what that is?

I'm not saying I'm outraged but I'm definitely face-palming at the cannibal comparison. Despite that, this still isn't as bad as "spud nuts" being named Idaho's signature dish, am I right?

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