It is August in Idaho, meaning the Boise area is under a heat wave well into the triple digits. The National Weather Service has issued several heat warnings urging Idahoans to stay indoors if possible. As we've covered here, several Idahoans work outdoors regardless of the temperature. 

We proudly salute those that are working outside and ask them to take care of themselves.  Here's a look at a few hard chargers working in the oppressive heat.

Check Out These Hardworking Heat Fighting Idahoans

These folks work outside regardless of the dangers of triple digit heat!

Our area's severe weather has made national headlines. Weather forecasters believe we will get some relief from the triple digits beginning Tuesday. The weather folks say we could see temperatures fall to the mid-nineties for a few days this week.

Global Warming?

The Treasure Valley is a region known at a mountain desert.  It is not unusual for our area to have triple digit temperatures. A few summers ago we had several days of one hundred degree plus weather.

Looking to beat the heat?  Check out these tips here.

5 Fun Ways to Beat the Heat as Temperatures Rise in Boise

Stay cool this summer, with these outdoor water activities!



Caldwell Announces Cooling Centers

Caldwell Veteran’s Memorial Hall: o Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm 

Caldwell Public Library: o Mon-Thurs, 10am-9pm. o Fri, 10am-6pm. o Sat, 10am-5pm.

 Caldwell Senior Center: o Mon-Fri, 9am-11am & 1pm-3pm 

City Hall: o Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

O’Connor Field house at the Caldwell Event Center will be opened as a backup should these facilities see an overwhelming demand.

Here a few indoor activities to keep you cool during the heatwave!

Fun Indoor Things to Do in Boise and Meridian

Sometimes when it is just too cold or too hot outside it is nice to experience some of the great things that are available indoors around the Treasure Valley.

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