If you've driven around the Treasure Valley over our winter months, you've likely encountered potholes.  For many, they were severe enough to damage cars. 

This past winter was definitely more intense with weather leading to more significant damage to our roads.

The Idaho Department of Administration handled 31 claims in ITD Region 3 (which is comprised of 10 counties that include Ada and Canyon).  That number was much higher than yearly average the department typically receives (three).

The process to approve or deny a damage claim includes investigation to determine if the state was negligent and if that negligence allowed for the damage to vehicles to occur.

According to a story from KTVB Newschannel 7, the State will determine if their negligence was 51% or higher, and if so, they will pay the claim,  If there are other factors, that determines if they claim would be paid partially or denied.

Out of those 31 claims submitted this year, the State said their investigation determined that the weather conditions, and not negligence from the state, was the cause, and thus, they denied every one of them.

Fore more on this, you can see the story from KTVB Newschannel 7.


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