Being able to tell someone you’re a “bounty hunter” has to be one of the most epic statements a human being can say… of all time. Think about it – you’re out at the local Golden Corral, gathered up with a group of friends from high school because that’s where Patricia wanted to hold your 15-year reunion. Everyone is going around the table sharing what they do. Dennis works with lumber, Patricia works in accounting, and then the group gets to you.

“I’m a bounty hunter.”

The second those words come out of your mouth, Dennis and Patricia realize they’re speaking to a true patriot. A vessel of justice, in the flesh, enjoying a delicious ice cream cone in the Golden Corral after a long day of tracking down the scum of the earth. It’s what dreams are made of folks.

While it’s a dangerous world, it’s a fairly simple one to get into. But what does it take to become a bounty hunter?

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