My oldest turns six today and he still has an attachment to his blankey!

I started wondering if this is the year we need to wean him from it.  He only sleeps with it or takes it on long road trips in the car.  Ducky Softy, as he calls it, is his go to support.

Turns out I don’t need to worry.  According to an article by Dr. Sears's children are learning to attach to people, they also like to attach to things, and this attachment to people and things will help your child ease into independence.”  Whew!

They don’t give you a manual when you leave the hospital and since he’s our first, there’s always that underlying feeling if you’re “doing the right thing” as their parent.

He’s growing in to an amazing young man, intelligent, funny and so full of life.  I want the best for him so I seem to have these weird questions from time to time.

You can read the entire article from Dr. Sears by clicking here.

Happy Birthday Maddox!  You’re my inspiration to be a better person and Mom every day of my life.

Make it a healthy day!