In the fall Boise is transformed from the City of Trees to the City of Leaves!

The end of October in the Treasure Valley was so mild that it barely felt like fall at all.  With highs near 70, we didn't really have a great reason to break out the boots and scarves.  Luckily, Mother Nature still gave us a show with trees turning those gorgeous hues of orange, red and yellow! Most places in our region have already reached their peak color and now there's leaves EVERYWHERE!

I live in an apartment complex, so I'm not responsible for cleaning up the leaves in our "yard." We've got our hardworking grounds maintenance crew for that!  But, I do run through neighborhoods where homeowners are responsible for controlling the leaves that are quickly piling up in their yards.  I always appreciate those who get them off the sidewalks so that when things start to get a little soggy with autumn rainfall, I don't slip on them and break my butt!

But as a renter, I have to often do you find yourself raking leaves? Napa suggests a good raking, blowing or mulching with your lawnmower every few days to reduce how hard clean-up is on your body (my back hated me after helping my dad with leaves when I was younger and I always got blisters from the rake handle) and the time you spend doing this fall chore.

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