Planning to get some new family photos done this fall? Check this out to plan the best time to get the biggest pop of autumn colors in that outdoor photo shoot!

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UrbanGal Photography

I can't pinpoint the moment that it happened, but I'm pretty sure it was shortly after I graduated from college and "summer break" didn't exist in my vocabulary anymore. Fall quickly became the few months of the year that I longed for.  College football, pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, pretty leaves...does it get much better? Not in my world! I thrive in the fall and that's why it was so important to me that we got some of the Treasure Valley's fall colors in our engagement photos last year.  If you're hoping to work them into your family photos this year, check out this preview of when fall foliage could hit its peak so that you can book a perfect date for that shoot!

September 24 - September 30

Ada, Canyon and Gem Counties have to sit tight for their leaves to start changing colors, but you'll start to see some minimal changing of colors in Elmore County.

October 1-7

You'll start to see minimal changes in Ada, Canyon and Gem counties. You'll start to see some more patches of more colorful leaves in Elmore County.

October 8-14

More patches of colorful leaves pop up in Ada, Canyon and Gem counties. Elmore County will be experiencing partial fall colors.

October 15-21

Ada, Canyon and Gem counties are experiencing partial fall colors, while Elmore County gets close to the best colors of the year.

October 22-28

It's prime time for fall color in Elmore County! Ada, Canyon and Gem counties are near their peak colors.

October 29 - November 4

It's prime time in Ada, Canyon and Gem counties! Fall colors are now past their peak in Elmore County.

After November 5

That's it folks! The entire Gem State is past it's peak color.

Information from Smoky Mountains, which notes that it's nearly impossible for a tool like this to be 100% correct but they do take into account temperatures, rainfall, etc while making their map every year.

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