Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has taken to social media, calling out both the liberal media and the Republican establishment. The video, which can be seen on YouTube and Twitter, asks why it isn't the media covering the war in Ukraine, the border crisis, and other issues? The lieutenant governor voices the hard-hitting ad. She holds nothing back, stating that the liberal media and 'their RINO allies' see Idahoans as the enemy.

Janice McGeachin Calls Out the Left in Idaho

A look at how Janice McGeachin is fighting back against the liberals in Idaho.

The lieutenant governor specifically points out Take Back Idaho and The Idaho 97 Project as leftist groups. She says they hope that Governor Little Idaho will eventually turn into a blue or democratic state by reelecting. The video ends with Lieutenant Governor McGeachin saying that she's standing up for the Conservatives.

The video is the most potent example of a politician calling out the media that we've seen so far in the race for governor. The lieutenant governor appears to be taking a page out of President Trump's playbook in appealing to the voters directly. Last week, led by one press release, the media, the governor, and the Republican party reacted to her appearance at an event in Florida. She has won the president's endorsement, and there continues to be speculation that he will visit the state in support of her campaign for governor. Idaho was one of the only states that President Trump did not visit.

What about the two special interest groups that were mentioned?  It appears that Democratic Boise City Council Woman Holli Woodings endorses both groups.

Lieutenant Governor McGeachin's response to her attacks is very different from a statement we heard from Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. Last week, the mayor issued a public statement concerning her lack of privacy and attacks on female politicians. McLean issued a public statement that she's received threats against her and her family. The Boise Police refused to provide the Idaho Statesman with any details of any reported threats against the mayor.

The lieutenant governor has been the target of many far-left groups in Idaho and across the country. It is interesting to see how both politicians respond to adversity.

Watch the video below.

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