Any guess?  I would think that green bean casserole with the crispy, french fried onions on top would be the favorite Thanksgiving side dish because it seems to be everywhere, but it's not what most people pick.  (Does anyone know if those things are actually onions?)  Apparently the green bean casserole is common, but not necessarily that popular.

The top Thanksgiving side dish here is actually something that can be made to be super healthy.  Or we can cram enough fat and calories into it that it really becomes nice and fattening and Thanksgiving-y.  Here it is.  

Salad!  That's the favorite Thanksgiving side dish in Idaho.  That could mean spring mix with lite raspberry vinaigrette, or it could mean the 7-layer kind full of all that creamy dressing and cheese, and olives.  Maybe your salad involves cherry pie filling Jello and Cool Whip. Yum.  Whatever the variety, salads are the #1 side dish.  If the bar is set at 3500 calories at Thanksgiving, the some of those rich salads with all the hidden calories are a great tool to help get us there in a hurry.

The green bean casserole is a favorite in the Midwest, and it's mac n' cheese in the Southeast.  In the Northeast the favorite side is squash.

It boils down to what YOUR favorite is, right?  That's why Grandma makes so many sides, casseroles, and pies.  We all have different favorites.  And we end up sampling everything - even the things we're not crazy about just because - and then we have to unbutton the pants and sit there comatose and miserable, watching football.  And then we eat pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We hear all of it pairs well with beer or wine too.