If there's one thing the Treasure Valley really knows how to do right during Halloween season, it's host the best Trunk or Treats!

Believe it or not, I never heard of a "Trunk or Treat" until I moved to Boise almost a decade ago! Where I grew up you trick or treated in your own neighborhood or the local shopping centers. But here in the Treasure Valley? The most popular candy hoarding destinations are in parking lots at local businesses, town halls and churches.

Participating cars and vans pop open their decorated trunks so that children can safely make their way from parking spot to parking spot, collecting a stash of Pixie Sticks, Candy Corn and more! It's a really cool sight to see if you haven't been to one before!

LITE-FM is working hard on our "Super Heroes and Villains" decorations with our friends from Team Run Boise for this year's Meridian Trunk or Treat and Dance to the Beat on October 25! But hey, maybe Meridian's a little bit out of your way and you're looking for a trunk or treat a little closer to your neighborhood.

We're starting to put together our Trunk-Or-Treat locator for 2018 and won't stop until we track down as many as we can! If your church, business or group is putting one together, fill out the form below to be added to this year's guide!

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