It's been a great weekend in the Treasure Valley for celebrating the important things.  Love, community, kindness, and family.  Today being Father's Day, I'm very grateful. 

I grew up with a dad who made putting his family first a priority and standard element of who he is.  My dad was involved in all my sports, school, and family activities.  He was involved, but even more importantly engaged in all facets of my life.

Family activities, especially camping trips, riding bikes, or even teaching me to drive (stick-shift in a giant parking lot) are just some of the top memories that have sustained years beyond when they happened.

I had and have a great dad.  I'm very fortunate.

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When it came my turn to add the title dad to my personal resume, I hoped that I would be able to do half the job my own dad had modeled.  It's been the greatest honor to get to be a dad to my kiddo, and though sometimes it feels that i get it wrong more than right, I will never stop trying to be the best one I can be for him.

The thing I've learned about being a dad is that really it's not about how much you get it right as much as it's about how hard you try to do it better and continue to grow in the role.

My son is wicked smart, kind, has the cutest belly laugh when I'm tickling him or we're joking around.  He's got some of my looks and we share a love for travel and adventure.  He has enriched my life in so many ways, I have to think in the grand scheme, I'm so much luckier to be his dad than he is to have me.

So dads, today is our day and I salute you.  To the moms who serve in both capacities, I salute you for that too, and to all who step in to be involved in our kiddos' lives, how fortunate we are for that.

Happy Father's Day, from this dad to you.

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