The Google Santa Tracker has already launched, and Bing is not far behind with their high tech NORAD radar tracker.

Don't they know he's at Boise Towne Square already?  We've seen him at the Village at Meridian and in Nampa too.  But here's how we can officially track him.

If you aren't too busy at work today, you can sit at the computer and watch the Google Santa Tracker tick off the seconds until Santa arrives.  Google says it uses the "greatest in Google Maps technology and sleigh engineering" so we can get the heads up on where Santa is, and we aren't caught off guard by his arrival on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning,

While we're waiting, there are games and activities for parents and teachers and there are some videos to watch too.

One thing about Google, they're cute!  In one video, they show us how Santa gets into shape for his marathon night.  It involves a treadmill, and makes us think twice about whether or not Santa is old, fat, and slow.  This 2016 cartoon Santa is kinda quick.  Google has fun with holidays, that's for sure.

Parents, how do you answer the question, "What's the difference between mall Santa and real Santa?"  Hmm.  Sometimes the appropriate response is, "I don't know."  Google, can we Google it?

Boise Towne Square Mall offers photos with Santa every day through Christmas Eve, and then we can go home and wait for Google to track the "real" North Pole Santa if we're so inclined.  Boise Towne Square doesn't want the pups to be left out either.  Pet Night with Santa happening through December 12th. We'll watch for your pics on social media.

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