Over the past decade, Boise’s grown at an incredible rate. We’re not just talking about population, we’re talking about development too. Some of those things are more fun than others. 

JUMP would be a good example. We love Jack’s Urban Meeting Place. It’s a quirky, fun place for people to get creative, learn something new, enjoy a concert, ride a slide…etc. Plus, they’ve opened up their facilities to great community fundraisers that make a real difference in the community. JUMP is awesome development.  

The smattering of new luxury apartments that a normal person can’t afford without selling a body part on the black market? That’s annoying development. 

Whether you love the new buildings or hate the new buildings, it’s wild to go back and see what these places looked like back in 2007 but thanks to the Google Maps car, we can! That’s the first year that the internet company sent their camera-mounted fleet into our area to take pictures and they’ve come back several times to take updated images of the Boise area.

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The car (or cars, we’re really not sure how many they send at the same time) came back to Downtown Boise and the surrounding area last fall. The Streetview map was recently updated with these images. From what we can tell, the weather was fantastic during that October visit because there were A LOT of images where the car caught people going about their daily routine. 

YouTube/Google Maps
YouTube/Google Maps

When Google uploads those images, they blur as many faces as they can so it can be kind of hard to recognize the people in photos at crosswalks, on the Boise Greenbelt or one of Boise’s many patio restaurants. But we’re sure, you could probably recognize yourself! 

We pulled 35 of these types of images off the map and we’re wondering…are you in any of these photos?! If you are, shoot us an e-mail to let us know. 

These might be the last new images of Boise for a little while. The Google Streetview website doesn’t currently list Boise or any parts of Idaho as one of their upcoming visits. They are, however, headed to our neighbors in Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

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